6ix9ine New Music Preview Surfaces Online

6ix9ine's new music preview leaks online

Snippet of 6ix9ine’s new music leaks online.

Don’t know if you’ve heard but there’s a Tekashi song floating on the internet which is reportedly being considered a new one. We are not sure if it is new although it sounds exactly like the kind of music he’s famous for.

It’s been a few weeks since Tekashi got out of prison, and we hear he’s already working on new music to keep his self-acclaimed King of New York status. His team previously announced that he is working on two new albums, one in English, and another in Spanish.

We have no idea if the new song snippet is from the upcoming album. The snippet is 10 minutes long and features him delivering the song in his usual scream-like manner. The new song is reportedly titled “Bently”, and rumor is that it will be featured on his upcoming album which will be released via 10k Records. We have no idea how true this is.

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