Nokwazi Kalawa Pissed At A Label For Owing Her Money

Nokwazi Kalawa is pissed at a label for owing her money.

Be careful if you’re going to owe Mzansi singer, Nokwazi because she’s going to bring part of your business on social media. The singer recently shared on Twitter that there’s a record label owing her money which has refused to pay.

While it sounded funny as first, her followers could tell that she was pissed off by it. Some of them took to the comments section to sympathize with her, and also urge her to reveal the name of the label. However, it was obvious that she wasn’t in the mood to name names.

It seems she just wanted to scare them a little. Some Twitter users suggested the names of a fee labels known for their trouble with artists but she replied that it wasn’t them. Hopeful, the label has learned not to mess with her and reaches out to make amends.Nokwazi Kalawa Pissed At A Label For Owing Her Money 2

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