8 Years After: Sjava Reflects On His Musical Journey

For most people, after a long journey comes the time to take stock and plan ahead. South African musician Sjava had that moment recently when he reflected on a post he made back in 2015.

In a recent post on his X account, the celebrated rapper shared a post from 2015. In that post, he noted that he was working night and day on his music. People may not watch him do it, but he’s doing it anyway. He also projected that he would soon be charging R10k per show.

It’s been eight years since he made that post and yes, a lot has happened then. In fact, it might be said that he has achieved all of that, from earning over R10k per show to being highly visible in South Africa’s rap music scene. You can check out the post below.

8 Years After: Sjava Reflects On His Musical Journey 2

Of course, in the years since he made the post, his life has faced several bumps, including the one that almost buried his career – fellow musician Lady Zamar’s claim that he physically and sexually assaulted her.

But he is in a much better place now, with better things obviously ahead of him. Who says it is a bad idea to dream and pursue one’s dreams?

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