83-Year-Old Al Pacino Expecting A Child With Girlfriend Noor Alfallah

Where are y’all who say a man of 83 is just too old to father a child? Al Pacino might have proven y’all wrong after all, having reportedly just fathered a child with girlfriend Noor Alfallah.

It is unclear exactly when the two of them started dating, however, they were first publicly seen together back in April last year having dinner. The rumours of a relationship caught fire then. It would gain ground soon after, culminating in the eventual pregnancy that has taken many netizens by surprise.

The surprise arises in part from the celebrated actor’s age. He was 83 at the time of writing – an age many expect a man’s chances of fathering a child to be pretty slim if not zero, depending on a couple of other factors.

Anyway, the news of Noor Alfallah’s pregnancy has been confirmed by multiple sources. In fact, according to TMZ, she is just one month from giving birth, which means she had been pregnant all along and did a great job of keeping it away from the public.

The news is out in the open now and the reaction is pretty mixed. Some tweeps feel he should have retired from “hunting,” and some think it is within his rights to continue to procreate at 83

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