8th Friday January 2021 Lockdown House Party Lineup: Sjava, Shimza, JazziQ, Crazy, China Chameleon & Banger Boys

has returned and it promises to be a even grander moment for the music loving collective in Mzansi.

and his pal had thought up the party and initiated it following the enforcement of lockdown measures in South for the first time as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The was discontinued when the lockdown was relaxed and artistes could hold outdoor gigs again. With the world experiencing the second wave of the coronavirus and South Africa heading to lockdown again, and thought to resurrect the Party.

The Party is about to begin in earnest. In an post, Channel O, which will be streaming the party live, indicated the lineup for the current Lockdown party to include Sjava, Shimza, JazziQ, Crazy, China Chameleon, and Banger Boys.

From the responses to Channel O’s post, it is clear fans are already with expectations. A storm of the flame emoji is all there is to know that fans just can’t wait to have a grand time with the Party

Have you any expectations regarding the imminent Lockdown Party? You might want to share them in the comment section below.