90 Day Fiancé: Biniyam’s Shocking Request From Ariela

90 Day Fiancé’s Biniyam is thinking far ahead and wants a green card whether he stays with Ariela or not.

On Sunday’s episode of the reality show, Biniyam had dinner with Ariela’s family. However, things got awkward when he told them that he wanted Ariela to help him get a green card, whether they ended up together or not.

His words elicited mixed reactions from viewers. While some commended him fot his honesty about what he wanted, others thought he was too self-centred for Ariela.

Ariela herself started to question herself, wondering if she loved Binimah more than he loved her.

Over FaceTime, Biniyam had a conversation with his sisters, Wish and Mimi, in which he expressed his fears that Ariela’s siblings might judge him over issues he might have with Ariela, who had gone to America without him, so their son, Avi, could have surgery.

Biniyam is keen to get married to Ariela within 90 days and is somewhat worried that if that doesn’t happen, he would have to go back to Ethiopia, away from his son Avi,

Binimah already has a son, Simon, from a previous relationship with another American. And he’s not seen his son since his ex left with Simon for the United States.

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