90 Day Fiancé: Emily’s Parents On Her Relationship With Kobe

All eyes are on Emily and Kobe this time, as well as how her parents are beginning to influence the direction of the couple’s relationship.

The latest episode of the reality show has Emily’s parents indicating they’re worried for her and saying she has no clue as she navigates the waters of her relationship with Kobe.

However, viewers appear not to share the same opinion, as they think Emily a spoilt brat whose condescending behaviour seems to be enabled by her parents.

According to them, Emily was condescending and generally disrespectful. And yet they expect Kobe to take all that without flinching.

They cited the moment when her grandmother stated Emily was the boss of the house and that Everton listens to her as an example. Aren’t her parents supposed to be the ones in charge of the household?

As far as some viewers are concerned, Kobe should ditch Emily for his own sanity as he might not get the happiness he deserves if he continues in his relationship with her and with her parents encouraging her not to take accountability.

Ultimately, to each his opinion. It’s left to Kobe to decide if he wants to take things further with Emily.

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