90 Day Fiance: Jasmine & Gino Set To Get Married At A Lavish Castle?

Their relationship began on a rocky note. Along the line, though, when they got engaged, Gino and Jasmine started smooth sailing. And now they are set to get married at a lavish castle.

Sounds like a fairytale? Well, best believe you’re not alone if that’s your opinion. Since the couple got engaged, they have charmed views with how close, and in love they are with each other. And now, they’re the source of conversation for most followers of the reality show.

Jasmine is from Panama, and Gino is from the United States. Separated by provenances but united by love, the two are set to formalize their relationship soon. But where will the wedding be held?

In a post to her Instagram story, she gave a clue to her fans. It would be at Castle Farms, a splendid – almost Edenic – location with water fountains and other attractions. The post was picked up by popular blogger John Yates, who posted it on his Instagram channels.

In the comments to the post, peeps wondered if Gino was in for the extravagance of the place. At the time of writing, however, the American has not said anything about a wedding at Castle Farms.

Will Jasmine’s dream come true? The coming days should have answers.

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