90 Day Fiancé: Patrick Recalls Cheating On Thaís

Is the love boat Patrick and Thaís occupy about to be rocked? Well, are many questions right now as the couple navigates a difficult bend in their relationship.

Part of the issue is Patrick confessing he’d cheated on Thaís at the beginning of their relationship, and he wants her to know all that’s in the past.

He tried to contextualise his action, noting that he merely kissed the lady and that they never got down to the real thing. Still, Thaís thinks it should be considered cheating.

Also, Thaís is having trouble getting along with Patrick’s brother John. All three live in an apartment Patrick bought for almost $1 million. Thaís thinks John shouldn’t be living with them, but Patrick wants his brother around.

The couple had connected on a dating app, and Patrick had flown to Brazil several times to see her and eventually asked her to marry him.

With Thaís now with him in Texas, a little drama is playing out between the couple. Patrick no longer wants to share his location with Thaís, and she’s not comfortable with that.

With the way things are playing out between the two, it appears the drama isn’t over yet. So, it’s okay to wait for more sauce.

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