90 Day Fiancé Recap: Biniyam’s Ethiopian New Year Celebration, Jasmine’s Surprise Gift To Gino

Ari invites Leandro to join her and her partner, Dini, on a family trip for the Ethiopian New Year celebration.

Dini wanted to challenge Ari to another wrestling match, which he politely declined, so they started a discussion while seated together at a table and having a meal in public. Then Ari brought up the fact that he had not told his wife that Dini was training with a new female coach. Leandro saw a problem with their communication as a result and offered to give Dini advise to be more present and transparent with his spouse.

Leandro was invited to join Ari, Dini, and their family on a trip for the new year as Ari changed the subject. Though that did not quite sit well with Dini. Jasmine, on the other hand, gave her lover some gifts after he served her some eggs for breakfast despite the fact that she was a vegan and didn’t want them.

Along with a pillow, she purchased identical white t-shirts with personalized prints. It was actually very considerate of her to say that she doesn’t enjoy purchasing things from a store. She was unhappy when she learned Gino had given her nothing in return. Gino kept bringing up a toothbrush he’d given her a few days earlier.

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