90 Day Fiancé: Shaeeda Not Signing Prenup Agreement Until Lawyer Goes Through Document

A prenuptial agreement remains a subject of contention for Shaeeda and her fiance Bilal, and nothing is settled just yet.

Previously, there was an awkward moment between them when the real estate agent mentioned the prenup during a date. She had been taken aback then because she wasn’t expecting it.

This time around, though, during a chat, Bilal had spelt out some of the issues regarding the prenup. He had asked her if she would cheat on him or consider divorcing him. She had made it clear that she wouldn’t.

He’d then noted that the prenup was re for just that reason. And it would only take effect if Shaeeda goes back on her words. He said he has two children and has to protect them without taking a blind shot at love.

For her part, Shaeeda thinks she’s paying the price for what hasn’t gone well in Bilal’s previous relationship (his wife left him). She feels that her man has trust issues at this point following his failed first marriage.

However, she isn’t going to just sign the prenuptial agreement presented to her. Instead, she’d have her lawyer go through the document before deciding to sign it – or not – to protect herself.

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