#90DayFiance: Mahogany & Ben Possibly Together As Things Tense Up For Memphis And Hamza

The drama continues in the reality show 90 Day Fiancé, and it appears like viewers might be in for a shocker.

Mahogany and Ben remain the centre of attention, and those who are against them getting together have been campaigning to dee them wholly detached from each other.

These peeps may have gloated when Mahogany declined to respond to Ben’s text storm and even left him stranded at the resort in season 14, but it appears like all is not over between them yet.

Ben is still hot on Mahogany’s heels, and it appears like the seductress – okay, that’s what some fans call her – is now amenable to getting into something “deeper” with Ben.

For instance, a recent report claimed a fan spotted two of them holding hands at a mall in Peru. Ben had reportedly begged the fan not to tell the tabloids what he saw. However, the fan had other ideas.

On the other side of the relationship divide, Hamza is reportedly married to Memphis, and the two allegedly have a daughter together. Previously, sources had claimed the two had a prenuptial agreement. But nothing is certain at this point.

However, some viewers think their relationship is heading for the bottom of the ocean already because, in a recent Instagram story, Memphis had accused Hamza of using her name to gain followers while failing to delete the toxic comments about her on his page.

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