#90DayFiance: Viewers React As Bilal Pranks Shaeeda

Season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé got off to a shaky start after Bilal Hazziez played a prank on Shaeeda, a successful yoga instructor from Trinidad and Tobago.

Bilal wants to be loved for who he is and not for his money. So the wealthy real estate agent and investor from Kansas City hid his wealth from Shaeeda, hoping she would love him for who he is.

When she flew in from her native Trinidad to see him in the United States, he took her in a dirty van to his childhood home, which wasn’t impressive. He pretended that was where they would be living.

She was a little surprised and even dismayed. She had never been to Bilal’s home previously, but she assumed that he was well off from how well he dressed when he visited her in Trinidad and Tobago.

To some viewers of the show, the idea that Shaeeda might be a gold digger was unfounded because she looked sufficiently well off herself from the post on her Instagram page.

They noted that her concern when she visited the place Bilal said they’d live in stemmed from her concern that he elected to invest in fancy suits instead of putting his house in some order.

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