#90DayFiance: Ximena Splits From Mike, Gets a Beauty Makeover

Ximena and Mike were once an item, but their relationship is in the bin now, and she’s keen to move on with her life.

There’s used to be a splendid love story, though. It appeared like Mike Berk couldn’t have enough of her. Ultimately, he had given off the impression of being clingy, which did not sit well with her.

Or maybe he was circumspect about paying for her plastic surgery. Either way, she’s had enough and had no qualms telling him she’s not in love with him. At some point, she’d even vented that he was a “degenerate.”

Mike is one for getting married, but a lot stood in the way of that ambition, not least his being a messy person – something Ximela finds gross and irritating. Also, they cannot communicate in each other’s languages.

Ximena, a single mother of two, finally broke up with Mike. The first thing she did was to get a beauty makeover. And it had fans noting that she looks prettier.

A little storm broke out when she made it clear she was moving away from him. Mike had revealed an aspect of his character that many viewers had not noticed at the outset – that of an angry man

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