#959Breakfast: Viewers Wants Sol Phenduka To Stand Up To Dineo Ranaka

Not long ago, Sol Phenduka and Dineo Ranaka were announced as hosts of a show at Kaya FM. Fans who were chuffed with the whole arrangement were more than happy to say it was Sol season.

Already, though, it appears some friction is developing between the two, with Dineo constantly interrupting him midway and finding fault with his questions – and sometimes his style of presenting. Or so fans have been saying.

And at this point, it looks like the fans have had enough, and they want Sol Phenduka to stand up to his co-host and stop the string of “abuses.” They want him to put her in her place – or else the abuses would continue – and this might not be healthy for his psyche.

Not content with just advising Sol on how to handle Dineo Ranaka, some viewers made it clear that they were following the show just because of Sol. On the other hand, another pointed out that Sol doesn’t say much on the show and joked that Sol was on the show merely to warm the chairs and talk about traffic.

One person who has yet to respond to the viewers and their criticism is Dineo Ranaka herself. Last we checked, Sol hasn’t said anything, too.

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