#SAMA27: Bontle Modiselle And Lawrence Maleka Announced As Hosts

The 27th edition of the South Music Awards (SAMA) is around the corner, with star choreographer and as hosts.

The awards organizers announced th two as hosts via a short clip posted to Instagram. The organizers also encouraged fans to watch out for the main event, which takes place on the 31st. The event will be televised on Mzansi Fosho.

An excited Bontle, who’s not exactly new to the world of hosting, had shared the news with her followers on Instagram, describing it as an incredible news.. She said she would see her fans on the main stage.

In response to the news of Bontle clinching the slot of co-host of the 27th SAMA, her husband Priddy Ugly had congratulated her, letting her know that he was super proud of her.

The SAMA is one of the most recognizable awards in South Africa. It has faced massive criticisms, though, as many think undeserving artistes have been recognized in place of the more deserving ones.

What do you think of the choice of and as the hosts of the 27th SAMA? You may want join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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