Tim Westwood Accused of Sexual Conduct by Multiple Women

Former BBC Radio 1 DJ Tim West has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women.

The allegations against the DJ started popping up around 2020. During that period, Tim Westwood had denied the allegations, describing them all as fabricated and without foundation. 

But the ladies accusing him, all blacks, have stuck to their stories. The alleged sexual misconducts had reportedly taken place when the ladies were in their teens and early twenties. 

The first incident of sexual Misconduct had reportedly taken place in 1992 and the most recent in 2017. 

On what had transpired between her and the DJ, one of the alleged victims had stated that someone taking advantage of her naivety isn’t something she’d have to carry with shame. 

Reacting to the allegations made a isn’t the former DJ, the BBC noted that it was shocked, adding that it has a code of conduct that all employees must abide by, including on-air personalities. 

Westwood still maintains his innocence. Currently 64 years, he’s one of the best know figures in Britain’s hip hop circles through a career that spanned about four decades. 

He may no longer be in his prime, but memories of his days at BBC Radio 1 are as fresh as can be. 

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