Excitement, Confusion, As Mbali Ngidi Shares Pregnancy Pictures

Is Mbali Ngidi really pregnant? That is one question that has been popping out of the lips of many South Africans after she shared new snaps of her rocking her baby bump.

Of course, such pictures are pieces of evidence in themselves, but it appears Spouth Africans are having a hard time believing the reality before them. Why this is the case is unclear, but it is what it is.

In a post on her official Instagram page, she had shared slides of herself rocking her baby bump. In both pictures, she had her hand on her tummy to accentuate her pregnancy. Her comment section throbbed with messages of congratulations from fans who are obviously happy for her.

Her latest pregnancy is both a miracle and a blessing and perhaps showed why her fans were particularly curious when she shared the pregnancy pictures. The songstress had earlier lost a child. This was around the period she was cast in the third season of the reality show The Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD). She took fans into the agony of losing the child and what the experience meant for her.

From the look of things, she is about to recover from her loss. And of course, she couldn’t be happier

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