Lil Tjay Reportedly Stil Unconscious After Surgery

New reports indicate that rapper isn’t out of the woods yet. He remains unconscious.

The songster was shot days ago and had to be rushed for emergency surgery. After the surgery, though, he remains unconscious. Now, he’ll be undergoing a CAT scan.

Amid the wave of uncertainty surrounding his current state, one Mohammed Konate has been arrested for the attempted murder of the rapper. Konate had reportedly shot around a shopping centre.

According to multiple reports, wasn’t the only one hurt during the shooting. But the coverage has hovered chiefly around him. While the rapper was shot multiple times, his associate Antoine Boyd was shot once.

Also, tragically, while he battles for his life in the hospital, his adversary Tekashi had mocked him openly in an emoji comment to an Instagram post by DJ Akademiks.

Mohammed Konate is currently facing charges of robbery and attempted murder, among others.

Amid the uncertainty about Tjay’s health, some of his fans have taken to social media to not only share their good wishes for his recovery but to pray for a quick recovery as well.

The result of his CAT should reveal a lot. Hopefully, he recovers.

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