Dr Dre’s Estranged Wife Nicole Young’s New Alimony Schemes

The dollar schemes continues for Nicole Young, estranged wife of Dr Dres as she targets the celebrated producer’s alleged mistresses, wanting to know if he splurged on them when the mistresses were intimate with him.

Nicole Young is determined the three of the alleged mistresses should sit for depositions. She claims one of the alleged mistresses paid for a 2.5 million mansion two years ago (2019) and wants to know if Dr Dre had given her the money for the pricey property.

Dr Dre and Nicole Young are currently facing one of the most brutal divorce battles in hip hop history, with Nicole Young not backing down in her demand for more money.

Dr Dre had reportedly agreed to offer $2 million in interim support in addition to the $293k he gives her monthly.

Nicole Young’s determination to get more money from Dr Dre, going through his alleged mistresses, has elicited mixed reactions online. While some social media users supported her initiative, some thought her rapacious. And yet others encouraged Dr Dre to just meet her demands and forget everything about her.

What’s your take about the unfolding drama, though? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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