Assault: Chicco Twala Granted Bail But Due In Court Again In August

Mzansi musician Ernest Chicco Twala is expected back in court in August for allegedly assaulting a power technician working to correct an electrical fault in the Bloubosrand area of Johannesburg. 

According to the National Prosecuting Authority’s Phindi Mjonondwane, a City Power technician alleged that the musician strangled him and later pointed what looked like a firearm

The musician was arrested over the weekend and charged at a magistrate court. He appeared at the Randburg Magistrate’s court for the hearing of the case and was granted bail in the sum of R2,000. 

Speaking on the attacks on City Power officials, Johannesburg’s Environment and Infrastructure Services MEC Michael Sun totally condemned it. 

According to the MEC, while acknowledging residents’ frustrations over power outages, power officials are constantly threatened in the course of their duties, which is unacceptable. Also, those who use firearms to threaten power officials will face the verdict of the law. 

Of recent, with constant rainfall leading to wet coal, South Africa has struggled to keep the lights on. And South Africans have been complaining about load shedding, which was announced by power company Eskom. 

Amid the uncertainties, some frustrated residents have made it a point to attack power technicians. 

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