Shauwn Mkhize & Son Andile Mpisane Show Up For Embattled Zola 7 (Pictures & Videos)

Businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize and her son Andile Mpisane showed up at the residence of embattled musician Zola 7 to aid him.

Sola 7 has been a subject of public debate and pity after it emerged that not only is he suffering from epilepsy but that he’s also in dire financial straits.

South Africans have been discussing his illness since, as well as how to help him through his present challenges.

Somehow, Shauwn Mkhize heard about the kwaito veteran’s problems and decided to step in. in a post to Instagram soon after, he celebrated businesswoman had shared snaps of herself, her son, and Zola 7.

She had also shared clips of herself in conversation with the highly regarded musician. She thanked him for letting her spend some time with him, while also encouraging the public to do well by the musician.

Shauwn showed up for Zola 7 amid an enforced avoidance, by celebs, of his travails and the corresponding call for help, with his alleged GBV record as the reason they stayed away from helping him.

At any rate, this isn’t the first time Shauwn Mkhize has shown up for the needy. She had earlier built houses for the homeless in South Africa. Some solidarity.

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