“A Bit Of Me…” – Denise Van Outen Recollects Flashing Prince Charles, Row With Kate Moss In New Autobiography

Denise Van Outen’s autobiography, “A Bit Of Me: From ­ Basildon To Broadway And Back,” has many peeps talking. Well, it should, given how much she revealed in the book.

The book, described as explosive, chronicles memorable moments in the British actress’s life, including the rows she had with Kate Moss and supermodel Naomi Campbell.

If you’re a big fan of flashing and have flashed someone sometime in the past, you may want to know that you’re not alone. Denise claimed to have done the same. She flashed Prince Charles.

Equally worthy of note was that Matthew had liked her and pursued her romantically in an era that Denise laconically dubbed “one long, glorious party.”

That party might be over now, but the memories – some beautiful, some not quite so – remain. Unfortunately, nothing much came out of Matthew Terry’s pursuit because she was dating Jay Kay at the time.

Also, according to her, her memories of those days are pretty good. The roaring 90s might be gone, but Denise, 47, looks back with pride and joy at the era – like many would do.

As one fan had joked, like happens, and people are at liberty to make of it what they will.

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