A Family Affair: Family Of Football Legend Pele Converge At His Hospital Bedside For Christmas

It was a memorable Christmas for legendary Brazillian footballer Pele, as his family joined him at a Sao Paulo hospital, where he is undergoing treatment for colon cancer, as well as heart and kidney complications.

The Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo was anything but quiet on Saturday, as the footballer’s family members converge around his hospital bed to share part of his difficult moments with him.

In a post on Instagram, his daughter shared a picture of her and other family members in the hospital. The caption to the group pic was a laconic “One more night with him,” indicating the situation might be dire and they are actually bracing themselves.

Pele is still very much alive. However, as early as the first week of December, the family had begun to receive condolence messages. In fact, the family was so deluged with these messages that they had to state they were tired of such.

Pele was an excellent player in his active days. Although he is no longer active, his fame is global and he is regarded as the greatest player of all time.

Recovery from his current afflictions will be a miracle of sorts and will expectedly reverberate around the world.

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