A Festive Season Abroad: Layla and Cheslin Kolbe’s Christmas in Japan

Embracing New Traditions and Celebrating Family Time in a Foreign Land

In a heartwarming tale of family and new beginnings, Layla and Cheslin Kolbe, along with their two children, are celebrating their first Christmas in Japan. This festive season marks a significant change for the family, accustomed to the traditions and environment of South Africa.

A New Environment for the Holidays

The Kolbes have embarked on a journey of adaptation and discovery in Japan. Accustomed to the familiar settings of South Africa, the family has embraced the challenge of celebrating Christmas in a new and different environment. Despite the initial unfamiliarity, they have put up their Christmas tree and are immersing themselves in the joy and excitement that the festive season brings, especially for their children.

Cheslin Kolbe’s Career Move

Cheslin Kolbe, renowned for his role as a Springboks star, has been married to Layla for five years. The couple’s decision to move to Japan is intertwined with Cheslin’s professional rugby career. This move represents not only a significant step in his career but also a bold new chapter for the family. Layla, an accountant by trade with a degree in her field, has been a pillar of support, standing by Cheslin through various phases of his career.

Layla Kolbe: A Strong and Vocal Support

Layla Kolbe has often been in the public eye, not just as the wife of a celebrated Springbok but also for her outspoken nature. She has defended her husband in the past, notably refuting claims about Cheslin’s career decisions and offers from other rugby teams. Her vocal support highlights the strength and unity within the Kolbe family.

Celebrating Love and Family

The Kolbes’ wedding, held on December 18, 2017, at the Webersburg Estate in Stellenbosch, was a testament to their love and commitment. As they celebrate Christmas in Japan, they continue to cherish these values, embracing the new experiences that life in a different country offers.

This festive season in Japan is a unique experience for Layla and Cheslin Kolbe and their children. As they navigate through the nuances of a different culture and environment, they are creating new memories and traditions that enrich their family bond. Their story is a reminder of the joys and challenges of embracing change, especially during significant times like Christmas.

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