A Fight That Never Was: Watch Big Zulu & King Monada’s #CelebrityBoxing Comedy

Where fans had expected a brutal, bloody boxing match between bolobedu house music maestro King Monada and Inkabi Records rapper Big Zulu, the two had staged a comedy instead.

In the spirit of the trending #CelebrityBoxing hashtag, King Monada had boasted that he would knock down Big Zulu in a boxing match and challenged him to agree to it. An amused Big Zulu had laughed and said he wouldn’t fight King Monada.

Well, King Monada, who has a spare frame, unlike the bod he wants to fight, wouldn’t give up the fight dream just yet. In a clip currently circulating online, King Monada could be seen attempting to kick and fight Big Zulu.

It was an apparent mismatch and South Africans were amused by the pair’s antics. Monada had arrived with his entourage and matched to the ring.

But in what appeared like a scripted scene, the moment he tried to charge in the direction of Big Zulu, who was already waiting in the ring, his aides circled around him and dragged him away. It was a fight that never was. You can check out the clip below.

By the way, fans are still expecting other celebs to stage the fights they had agreed on.

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