A Handful Of Surprises With Megan Thee Stallion, Renée Rapp & Rachel Mcadam On SNL

Surprises are among the reats of life – that is, when they are good ones. No one was a terrible or discoverting surprise. That’s by the way,

Well, fans of Saturday Night Live were certainly pleasant surprised by what unfolded before their eyes as they watched.

Rachel McAdamsof the “Mean Girls” fame made a surprise cameo appearance alongside the rapper Megan Thee Stallion for Renee Raa’s performance. Ir was an “unplanned” gathering of faves and the moment resonated with many viewers.

Of course, it wasn’t the first surprise celebrity outing on the show, nor is it expected to be the last. But this surprise outing seemed to bear a resonance all its own – markedly potent.

If you missed how things tuned out, especially the performance, the embedded clip at the end of the post should come in hand. Ir is as engaging as can be.

It was a memorable moment not just for viewers but for the guest and host as well. A symbolic moment was when McAdams, who has never hosted the SNL previously, and Rapp blew kisses at each other at the end of the show. It was a memorable end to a show that began as usual, brought in a suoprise, and ended on a magical note.

Reneé Rapp: Not My Fault with Megan Thee Stallion (Live) - SNL

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