A Local Viral Video Have Been Slammed by Terry Pheto As Being ‘Disrespectful’

Actress, Terry Pheto, expressed her distaste over a viral video.

Actress, Terry Pheto, is of the view that getting old might be making her read another meaning into what youths find amusing.

Terry Pheto had reacted to a viral video and expressed her distaste. This video shows a young person teasing his grandmother and using words like ‘crusty and sh*t.’

Terry Pheto had expressed her disapproval by commenting on the video that people may find funny.

The young person who was taunting his grandmother had said,

You are not tekateking, you are just old, and crusty and s**t.

This youngster later apologised to his grandmother after speaking to her using uncouth slangs.

However, the actress sees nothing amusing about the viral video. She said:

Maybe I’m too old but there’s nothing funny about a child calling their grandmother ‘crusty and s**t.’

Terry Pheto is a nationally-recognised actress, best known for playing the leading role as Miriam in Tsotsi, the 2005 Oscar-winning feature film.

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