A Look at Responsible Gambling Resources for South African iGamers

South Africa is a country known for game drives where the main aim is to spot the big five in nature and the stunning beaches that line each side of the coast. What many may not know is that this country is not only keen on gambling but spends a lot of time and resources ensuring that players in South Africa feel safe and secure whilst playing and are always encouraged to do so responsibly. The notion of playing responsibly is something that is always spoken of when it comes to iGaming activities, regardless of whether the player is in Germany or Ecuador, however, South Africa has managed to do something rather unique, in that it has aimed to create resources that support and encourage responsible gambling amongst the people of the country.

This article aims to shed light on the different ways in which responsible gambling resources reared their heads in a South African context.

Extensive Research

The reason South Africa can offer its punters responsible gambling resources is due to the fact that countless hours of research have been done around this industry. From casino business owners to social development experts all the way to psychologists have taken a good look at the complete list of South African casinos that are currently available and identified the games on display and how these could affect punters. These effects have been meticulously studied and researched in order to give players the free room is partake in the ones they prefer, while establishing a helpful guide of responsible gambling resources to aid these players, should they need assistance during their punting journey.

Understanding the reason people gamble, what draws them to the activity, the effects of the game and how the high intensity of highs and lows can be experienced during a gambling session is crucial information in the development of responsible gambling resources in South Africa.

The Importance of Counseling

One of the most pivotal ways in which South Africa aims to offer its people responsible gambling resources is through offering counselling or therapy, which can be accessed from anywhere in the country and for any individual who claims to need assistance to partake in gambling more responsibly in the future.

Many forms of counselling are offered to the iGamers of South Africa. The first and often most popular form is the fact that punters can call a free-of-charge hotline, where educated and trained counsellors await calls and hope to help. The creation of these hotlines is massively important for the people of South Africa, as it is a very large country that does not have the same public transport infrastructure as European or American countries, therefore, having access to simply being able to call someone is hugely helpful, as many punters would not have the means to make it to a centre.

Education and Awareness

The country has invested in education both for the punter, as well as for the counsellor. Many take for granted the strain, training and education that counsellors need to properly help their patients. Lots of people are under the impression that the education around gambling is only meant for the gamblers themselves, however, South Africa has rather cleverly identified that the iGamer can only be helped as much and as well as the counsellor is educated and trained. Therefore, the training of counsellors is a massively important factor for South Africa.

Moreover, education and awareness for South African gamblers is also crucial. It is important that these punters never feel alone in regard to their gambling habits. The worst thing that could happen is that a gambler is that they feel alone or isolated in their gambling activities. It is vital for them to know that the ups and downs that they go through, both financially and mentally, is part of the trade and it’s a completely normal occurrence. Conveying this message to a large audience can be a challenge in itself, which is why South African help groups often speak on larger platforms to increase their reach. Through facilitating these larger rallies, the hope is that as many people across South Africa receive the message that what they are going through is completely normal. This is the first step to ensuring that players will actually make the move toward counselling, if they think what they’re feeling is shameful or wrong, they might sit with that issue alone and it could just become bigger and bigger in their minds, which does not bode well for a population of being with good mental health.

Final Thoughts

South Africa is a country of many skills, with individuals who care for one another and a country whose aim is to ensure that each person thrives. This is especially apparent when it comes to the casino industry, as this experience must be both an enjoyable but also safe one. Therefore, South Africa has invested many of its resources to ensure that players have the information to understand what playing responsibly looks like. Furthermore, players must know that they are not alone and can reach out to educated and understanding counsellors, who have spent copious amounts of time ensuring that the solace they provide is helpful and according to the feelings of players. This is how South Africa has encouraged responsible gambling practices.

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