A look Inside Drake’s Multi Million Dollar Toronto Mansion

Rapper, Drake gave fans a full tour of his multi million dollar mansion.

The rapper granted Arch digest a full tour into his multimillion dollars mansion, which showed the luxurious lifestyle of the rapper. Drake purchased the 6.7 million dollars piece of land in the North Toronto’s exclusive Bridle Path area in 2018 and built the masterpiece on it.

The mansion has a unique styling, having an OVO branded NBA basketball court inside, A garage which can house 10 Cars, an elevator, an award display room, four guest bedroom, a piano room which displayed a piano by Bösendorfer, a gym and a Jersey room to keep all stuffs basketball related.

The rapper further revealed that he wanted to have something strong that can last up to 100 years because he was building it in his hometown, stating it will be one of the things, he will be glad he left behind.

See the pictures below;

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