‘A Lot Of Them Are Lukewarm’, Speedsta On Rappers Releasing Music During Lockdown

During the lockdown weeks, we have witnessed several South African rappers release more songs that would have ever been expected. The question is, are they keeping the standard?

According to the South African rapper, DJ Speedsta, a majority of these new songs released to the South African hip hop is lukewarm. He is of the belief that several rappers are dropping music at a very fast rate as they use the lockdown as an excuse.

Speaking to his co-hosts on POPcast, the ‘No Stress’ rapper revealed:

Guys, just because we’re in lockdown doesn’t mean if you’re a person that makes music you have to drop…that’s all I’m going to say. A lot of the drops (SA Hip Hop) are very, very lukewarm.

Speedsta avoided mentioning the names of the artists he was referring to. When he was asked if he was deliberately trying to avoid another conflict, the talented rapper nodded in agreement.

However, he revealed that he had advised Les against releasing his project now.

He further said:

I was telling him (Les), cause he wanted to also drop…he has a fire album that’s ready. I was telling him ‘don’t rush to drop it, you’ve worked so long don’t rush just because you feel like it has to come out. Rather hold it. He’s got a fire album I’m not gonna lie.

Some of the Mzansi rappers who recently released new music are such as Maraza who released his Lost & Found EP, Emtee who released a brand new single ‘Johustleburg,’ Kwesta who released two new singles titled ‘Njandini’ and ‘2skeif,’ and other artists.

You can assume who Speedsta was referring to when he talked about the artists releasing so much music.

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