A Man From Soweto Saved His R350 Grant To Start A Business.

Thando Makhubu got an honorary mention during President Cyril Ramaphosa’s state of the nation address (SONA) because he was an example of creativity and entrepreneurship.

The onset of the pandemic led the South African government to introduce the social relief of distress (SRD) grant. Thando Makhubu was getting R350 monthly and saving up the sum.

Soon after, he’s used the saving from his SRD grant to start an ice-cream business that’s since boomed and now employs 4 people.

His adventure into the world of ice cream started after he saw a picture of the same product on Pinterest. He liked it and decided to delve right into it. Already, according to him, he had an aptitude for entrepreneurship.

Thando Makhubu, who’s also a photographer, noted that he’s sometimes worked as a photographer for Mohale Motaung. And when he ventured into the ice-cream business, he invited Mohale to come and taste it.

Mohale loved what he tasted, so he posted about it on Instagram, which translated to more customers for Thando.

Thando Makhubu’s story was shared by South Africa’s department of social development, after the Presidency.

South African have been congratulating Thando on his success as well. Who says entrepreneurship doesn’t pay?

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