A Mixed Bag For Takealot As South Africans Talk Delivery & Other Issues

Takealot is one of the top online retailers in South Africa and trends sporadically for its service delivery and other matters. The brand is trending, again for service delivery.

It appears South Africans are impressed by the brand’s products and delivery service, and they have been commenting about it for a while now. It’s a mixed bag, though, as some Saffas also used the opportunity to point out that the brand was “playing” them with its Black Friday sales and other matters.

By the way, Takealot has been experiencing losses thanks in part to the increase in fuel prices in South Africa, which has also provoked protests from members of the public.

It is unclear what exactly Takealot’s business model is, but speedy delivery is certainly one of them, and the company has had mostly positive reviews about its delivery timeline. In fact, some South Africans are so impressed with the service that they have made it clear that an attack on the company is an attack on themselves.

Not everyone would agree with that, of course, and some have taken to calling the company out for ripping off buyers with its Black Friday sales. You can check out some of the comments below.

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