A New Lover For Boity’s Ex Anton Jeftha (Photos & Video)

Life must go on. Every day, we see this truth manifest as people move on with their lives after failed ventures, relationships, adventures – you name them.

South African actor Anton Jeftha is one man who has moved on after his failed relationship with rapper Boitumele “Boity” Thulo. The two had a wonderful relationship until things went south.

While details of their breakup are still muddled up, multiple sources pointed to the actor having become uncomfortable with her lifestyle and how she was able to afford it all. Allegedly, there are other men in the picture.

The point is, they both went their separate ways after a brief period together. And now, Jeftha has not only moved on, he has flaunted his new lover – a beauty in her own right.

In a post on his official Instagram page, Jeftha shared slides of himself and his new lover, one of which showed their silhouettes kissing, with the beach as the background.

In another slide, they could be seen running into the leaping sea like two emotionally inseparable teenagers. The couple looked very much in love. You can check out the post below.

While Jeftha has moved on publicly, Boity has yet to do the same and it cannot be determined if she is in a new relationship.

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