A New Start For Keke Palmer’s Ex Darius Jackson, Born Again Of The Lord – Watch

It is often said that religion becomes the refuge of most people in times of trouble. we are not here to debate that, but this might be the reality with singer Keke Palmer’s former lover Darius Jackson after all.

After the whole drama between him and the singer, Darius has decided to chill out a bit with religion. It is unclear what motivated his foray into religion, but Keke Palmer recently sought a restraining order against him, claiming that he had physically abused her.

On Thursday, Darius Jackson took to Instagram where he revealed that he had been baptised. In the video he shared of him working out, he pointed out that he is extremely blessed to have repented and been baptised in the name of Jesus.

He also pointed out that God has blessed him to the point where he is continuing to push forward. His post, which you can check out below, has been liked over 2k times.

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