A New Video Evidence Involving AKA & Anele Submitted For Inquest Hearing

A new video evidence of later rapper AKA and Anele has reportedly been submitted for inquest hearing.

According to a new report by Sunday World, a video clip allegedly showing AKA’s late fiancée Nelli Tembe threatening to commit suicide at his home will be among the crucial evidence. It will be submitted when the crunch inquest hearing into her death resumes on 8 April at the Cape Town magistrate’s court.

There have been reports that Tembe was embattled. Three years ago, she reportedly “fell off” from the balcony of the Pepper Hotel in Cape Town following an altercation with the Hip Hop star in their room. The publication writes that AKA‘s legal team is expected to capitalise on the video (obtained by the NPA) as part of their defence.

The clip allegedly shows Nelli standing on the balcony of their rented home in Bryanston. She is said to have thrown her engagement ring and their two Rolex watches into the swimming pool. She also allegedly threw a portrait of the rapper into the pool.

A source told Zimoja,

“She later threatened to jump. AKA jumped into the pool and retrieved the watches and the ring.”

AKA is said to have walked into the house and found her seated on the bed, crying, saying she wanted “to end it all.”

“The decision to submit this video  to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) was to possibly prove that Nelly was suicidal and that AKA did not kill her as they so believed, but whether that is enough to convince the court remains to be seen because we were not there in the room and don’t know what actually happened.”

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