A Peek Into Jojo Robinson’s Luxury Mansion, Complete With Sauna, Walk-In Closet, Home Theatre & Other Amenities

Reality show star Jojo Robinson is all for the doll’s life and she is living that out courtesy of her wealthy husband who is only too happy to indulge her.

But what does her home look like and what are the amenities there that would make anyone not want to leave after stepping in? Well, that question has been flying around for a while, but there is an answer to it now – amplified with pictures.

The Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star herself gave fans insight into her crib, which contains a walk-in closet, indoor pool, sauna and many other amenities to make life comfortable for the inhabitants. Work is still underway and, according to her, she can’t believe she is even close to completing the mansion with her man.

She tagged her husband Calven in the post and shared other pieces of information which you can check out below.

Jojo and Calven seem made for each other because their interests align. Both are lavish in their love for the good life and share an abiding love for tattoos. But while Calven is moderate in his ink, Jojo has almost her entire body covered in tattoos. Oh well, can you beat that?

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