A-Reece And MashBeatz Cannot Agree On Paradise 2 Artwork, Asks For Help

A-Reece and MashBeatz ask for help on "Paradise 2" artwork as they can't agree on one

A-Reece and cannot agree on a cover art for “Paradise 2” so they are asking for help.

We dont know if you are ready because one of the best albums of the year is about to drop and we all can’t wait. For a while, fans of A-Reece wondered about his silence, and asked questions about his upcoming album “Paradise 2”.

The Mzansi star recently took to social media to share two cover arts for the album. One of them features colourful art of what looks like earth, while the other, features him looking thoughtful. He has asked fans to choose between the two. The most preferred will obviously become the cover for “Paradise 2”.

The SA Hip Hop star announced the two days back with a promotional video which features him waking from sleep. In the video, a date, 10 August 2020 is revealed which fans believe to be MashBeatz’ birthday. However, everyone is not certain if it is also a release date for the album.

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