A-Reece And The Priddy Ugly Beef Speculation

recently released a song titled “ridiculouS” in collaboration with Jay Jody, their second collaborative single in about two months. And to some fans, in that song, A-Reece addressed speculations about his beef with fellow rapper Priddy Ugly.

Priddy Ugly had reportedly taken a jab at The Boy Doing Things earlier in a song titled “Handful of Dust.” In the song, he failed to mention A-Reece, but fans were quick to point out he was referencing the “Paradise” rapper.

wars are nothing new. In fact, some industry insiders are of the view that it will keep the industry alive and the rappers themselves alert. Whatever might be the case, it is clear the battle for supremacy between Priddy Ugly and is not over yet.

So y’all may as well lookout for more musical bombs from either side of the divide. We’ll be here to share them with y’all as they drop. Y’all gotta stay tuned for them. And if you haven’t listened to “ridiculouS,” you can check it out here.

Do you think actually addressed his alleged beef with Priddy ugly in “ridiculouS”? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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