A-Reece Appreciates Fans For Supporting His New Album

The fans make the artists. As in, without fans, musicians are essentially wasting their time, with no one to listen to them or even purchase their music and attend their shows. So it is inevitable that musicians should show appreciation to their fans in ways they see possible, now and then.

One musician who has not been found wanting in this depst]rtment is the South African rapper A-Reece. The songster recently released a new project which was a success. Of course, without the support of the fans, it couldn’t have been.

Recognising this reality, The Boy Doing Things took to his offiial X account, where he thabks his fans for supporting his laatest album. He thanked them specifically for playing/ listening to the project, as you can see below.

A-Reece Appreciates Fans For Supporting His New Album 1

His apprecoation tweet comes amid recent disappoinemtn over the cancellation of his Reeve Efect show fot the second time. It was scheduled for the first week of SDecember but had to be pushe to a bigger ven ue for the benefit of his fans. Now, the show is ecpected to hold in March, which also happens to be A-Reece’s birth month.

Until then, they can embrace his note of gratitude.

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