A-Reece Bags Hennessy People’s Choice Award Win For ‘Blood In Blood Out’

A-Reece Wins Hennessy People's Choice Award For 'Blood In Blood Out'

A-Reece wins the Hennessy People’s Choice Award for his song, ‘Blood In Blood Out’.

Finally, A-Reece is finally claiming all that he deserves. The Mzansi rapper is undeniably one of the best rappers in the game right now, and Hip Hop fans agree, but he hasn’t been getting the accolades that go with it. It is exciting to see it finally going to him.

Reece’s 2020 hit “Blood In Blood Out” was included in a category of ten vying for Slikour’s Hennessy People’s Choice Award. It has now been announced that he beat out the competition and won. The information was shared by Slikour yesterday, 28 April in a tweet congratulating the rapper for the win.

Apparently he amassed 444 votes more than everyone else. Various rappers including The Big Hash, Khuli Chana and Stogie T have also taken to Twitter to congratulate him. Emtee even revealed that he no longer has problems with him.

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