A-Reece Celebrates “For My Sanity” Reaching 700k Streams On Apple Music

SA Hip Hop star is celebrating his joint “For My Sanity,” reaching over 700 thousand streams on Apple Music.

As they always say, numbers don’t lie. You know how successful a song is by the numbers it pulls in. A-Reece’s joint “For My Sanity” is a hit among fans, and there is no denying it.

On April 20, Reece returned with “The Burning Tree: Remix Deluxe.” No one saw it coming. He basically dropped it like a thief in the night. The Deluxe version features all the previous songs with contributions from Yolophonik, 25k, Jay Jody, IMP THA DON, Loatinover Pounds, and Maggz.

They all did a fantastic job on the project. Reece recently took to social media to celebrate the success of the joint “For My Sanity.” The song has garnered over 700 thousand streams on Apple Music alone and over 950 thousand on Spotify. The “Sneaky” star noted that he might start adding it to his setlist.

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