A-Reece Details His Chief Career Highlight

Have you ever wondered what A-Reece’s biggest career highlight just might be? Well, the songster has detailed just that.

In a recent interview with the United Kingdom’s Notion magazine, the songster detailed the biggest highlight of his career, his latest mixtape and much more, leading fans into hitherto unilluminated areas of his life..

According to A-Reece, who fancies himself as The Boy Doing Things, the biggest highlight of his career was working with veteran rapper Khuli Chana, a bod whom he’s always been inspired by.

A-Reece also details his wishes for the future, which includes becoming a better rapper.

Almost every artiste out there has a dream collaboration – working with another music figure, usually a source of inspiration. For A-Reece, his dream collaboration would be with American rapper and recent billionaire Kanye West.

In his desire to work with Ye’, The Boy Doing Things is not alone. Another South African rapper, AKA, had earlier hinted that working with the “Donda” rapper, who had a controversial run in the States last year, would be his ideal collabo.

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