A-Reece Loses His Dad

Rapper, A-Reece loses his father

Mzansi rapper, and elder brother lose their father.

2020 has really been a tough year for many. It has been year of loses and tears but we have all found ways to make peace. Mzansi rappers, and brother, PJay Jody Lepara will always remember the year as the one they lost their father.

The rapper who is known to keep his personal life away from social media had no choice but to pay tribute to his late dad. Revealing the sad news by sharing photos of him, he wished him a powerful rest. In another set of photos, he wrote “a death wI$h i$ cool until it’$ time to blow out the candle$”.

PJay on the other hand, also paid tribute to their late dad with a post on captioned “Rest Peacefully”. Celebrities and fans took to the comments section to sympathize with the two artists. We really wish them well.