A-Reece & Manifest Celebrate As “West African Time” Hits 1 Million Streams

For creators, musicians or not, nothing compares to seeing their works become successful and rsonate with a lot of people in their locality and around the world.

This success, they would say, gives them “bragging rights.” Well, South African rapper A-Reece and his Ghanaian counterpart Manifest are currently chuffed with the success of their collaborative single “West African Time.”

The number recently reached a milestone of 1 million streams, causing a celebration between the two rtappers behind the song.

The 1 million streaming number doesn’t exactly come easy this side of Africa, so when it comes, it isusually a thing of pleasure for the musicians who are able to achieve such a feat.

On this count, of course, it shouldn’t be surprising that the two musicians went out of their way to celebrate the milestone they reached with that number.

In a post on his Instagram Story, Manifest shared the number the record achieved. A-Reece re-shared the story with the caption that he and Manifesr are the best rappers alive. You can check out the post below.

A-Reece &Amp; Manifest Celebrate As &Quot;West African Time&Quot; Hits 1 Million Streams 2

There will never be an end or even a unanimity of agreement on who the best rappers are. But then, that’s part of the game, and people will always talk – sometimes stropping themselves as the very best.

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