A-Reece On The Inspiration Behind His Latest Merch Collection

If you have been curious about the inspiration behind South African rapper A-Reece’s latest merch collection, you are not alone. There are many others like you. The good news is that The Boy Doing Things has just addressed that. You heard that right.

Apparently, the songster realised that simply recording music and sharing the same is not enough. There are other ways to see that fans get involved. So the idea of the merch came up. According to the “Paradise” rapper, the merch is for the fans – a tribute to them.

He also noted that there is a tattoo and that fans deciding to imitate and have the same is pretty symbolic and something he had not expected at the outset. you can check out his post below.

By the way, when the website for other merch initially opened, it crashed almost immediately, as fans thronged the website to grab whatever they could. The brand had to share a statement in which it acknowledged the crash while also noting that plans are underway to get the website running again.

Rge website crash has often been pointed to as an example of what A-Reecce’s influence can do. Well, can you beat that?

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