A-Reece Rants after Being Kicked Off Stage At CottonFest2022 (Video)

Cotton Fest was held over the weekend, and it has continued to reverberate a day after, with some South Africans wondering why A-Reece’s performance was stopped abruptly. 

A-Reece had popped on stage where he paid tribute to Riky Rick, the late founder of the music festival. Everything was going perfectly until his performance was cut short, leaving some fans shaking their heads in disappointment. 

It cannot be established why his performance was cut short since the festival organisers have yet to say anything in that regard. 

In a video posted soon after, though, A-Reece acknowledged what fans had said all along, which is that he didn’t complete his set and was made to leave for someone else to take over. 

In the video, he could be seen ranting that they cut him off. And it’s as simple as that. You can check out the video below. 

Cotton Fest was as much a festival as it was a memorial to the man who founded it years ago. Riky Rick had taken his own life in what has been described as the aftermath of a long battle with depression. 

By the way, A-Reece recently released a surprise EP dubbed “The Burning Tree.” 

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