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A-Reece Releases Exclusive Merch With mercha.

SA Hip Hop star A-Reece has collaborated with mercha. and released new exclusive merch for his fans.

Mzansi rapper A-Reece is stepping out of the studio to give his fans something different. He just released a new merch. Speaking about it, the “Sneaky” star said, “This is not about me, you know, this is about the fans,” A-Reece said. “Fans always want something tangible to have from their favourite artist. Whether there’s a CD, vinyl, or merchandise, whatever it is.

He continued, “Sometimes your audio is not enough. So this is for the fans, man, this is a tribute for the fans, you know, there is a name on it to make it official. We also have tattoos over here because I’ve noticed that a lot of people out there really like imitate this tattoo. They have put it on themselves, and that’s crazy cause it’s a tattoo man. I’ve never thought people would do that for my sh*t. Shout to the people; this is all for the people; that’s what it means.”

About his involvement in the merch creation, he said, “I was involved heavily with the design process cause I was just me and my girlfriend and I was basically telling her what I want and she was bringing it to life, putting it on paper and making it a whole visual experience and she did the most man.”

Shop it here.