A-Reece Releases “Reece Effect 2020” Hoodie Merch

A-Reece releases the "Reece Effect 2020" hoodie merch

A-Reece finally releases the “Reece Effect 2020” hoodie merchandise.

We may not have gotten to see the events we all looked forward to but we can at least wear the merch and feel good all the same. It hasn’t been a great year for annual events in Mzansi and all over the world.

Mzansi rapper, A-Reece was forced to cancel the ‘Reece Effect’ 2020 show which was meant to happen in March. Of course, we understood why, and we found a way to pull through. Now, he’s out with the kangaroo pocket hoodie merch. The release was announced via the Rubberbandgang social media page.

We hear they’re only going to 750 Rand instead of 850. You might want to go shop yours here. A-Reece recently appeared in a Live interview where he opened up about being absent from the scene. In his defence, he’s been working on the “Paradise 2” album. He also admited that he’s been staying undercover.

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