A-Reece Sends Compliments To OkMalumkoolkat

A-Reece rains compliments on Okmalumkoolkat

A-Reece rains praises on fellow rapper, OkMalumkoolkat.

We all know the rap game to be fill with emcees who have huge egos. All we see on the internet are the new school rapper’s being disrespectful to the ones who have been around before they became famous. It has become a trend everyone who loves rap has gotten used to so we’re surprised and impressed by the contents of this new story.

Mzansi rapper recently rained praises on fellow emcee, OkMalumkoolkat for a recent video he shared on social media. The rapper had shared a video of himself rapping the lines of his song “Free 100k Macassette” which recently hit 1 million views on YouTube 5 years after being released in 2015.

A-Reece, seeing the video commented on it saying “Nobody can do what you do the way you do it, period”. The “Gqi” rapper also thanked him for the compliment. We hope this leads to a feature.

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